Brookesides is driven to provide a quality security service at all levels of risk management and security service with global experience, focusing on high-risk areas.
the training division offers corporate security, executive awareness, security management, counter surveillance, counter-kidnap and crisis-simulated incident training. Brooksides provides training in military and law enforcement, Special Forces and stability operations.
We are able to draw on our global experience of working with governments to secure government installations and key assets around the world, support the security strategies of nations and ensure that personnel are well prepared to operate in some of the world’s conflict theatres. As a result, governments are better able to perform their core functions while our team focuses on the protection of critical assets, delivering essential services and managing the increasing constraints on government expenditure effectively.
Our staff has vast international experience that has been acquired over decades, which enables us to assess specific requirements with practical knowledge, with a common objective:
  • An economically viable solution
  • Carried out in extremely difficult environments and
  • In high-risk areas

The Training Strategy Encompasses:

  • Development of succinct, technically advanced and comprehensive curriculum for the environment
  • Providing superior courses of instruction that will include a training schedule, program of instruction, outline, course certifications and lesson plans
  • Providing the best in class of expatriate and local interpreters to train, educate and certify students in basic skills, problem solving and decision making
  • Providing the foundation for the required competencies through the estimate process
  • Providing operational applications of competencies with relevant scenarios based on the client’s area of operation
  • Providing advanced education and certification


Brookesides offers training solutions within a multitude of sectors namely, corporations, executives, NGOs, governments, emergency services, military and law enforcement personnel. We make use of highly experienced and competent instructors to teach various relevant subjects with training that is based on the same methodologies taught by military and specialist security forces that have been tried and tested through operational experience gained during tactical urban and rural operations on land, sea or air. We are geared to train basic and advanced courses to produce specialized skills and techniques to be used in high risk operations, using relevant combat equipment and effective risk management techniques supported by technical services and specialized electronic security training.

We provide operational applications of competencies with relevant scenarios based on the client’s area of operation through subjects referenced below:

♦ Combat
♦ Weapons training
♦ Sniping
♦ Explosives course
♦ Helicopter operations
♦ Parachute training
♦ Diving
♦ Water borne tactics
♦ Tracking
♦ Breaching
♦ Mental preparation
♦ HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) Corporate security
♦ SWAT Training
♦ Security management and supervision
♦ Counter-surveillance
♦ Counter-kidnapping
♦ Crisis management
♦ Riot control
♦ Law enforcement and support training
♦ Hostage situations
♦ Emergency response training
♦ VIP and CP training
♦ Specialized equipment
♦ Medical and first aid training

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