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At Brookesides, we provide multiple ICT services ranging from CCTV installation, fire alarms installation, hardware procurement, and other professional services. Services we provide can be applied across different industries.


Financial institutions have many challenges when it comes to maintaining security. Because cash, securities, and other monetary instruments are primary targets for theft, embezzlement, and other related crimes, today’s banks and financial institutions require an extremely professional level of security planning, prevention and protection.


The growing use of IT throughout the education sector means that many institution already have the basic infrastructure from which to develop biometrics. This has resulted in pockets of interest in the use of low-cost devices (especially finger print technology), in schools and colleges in recent time. These devices are gaining ground in low security areas such as libraries and canteens facilities.


At the heart of every responsible and responsive government is the optimum utilization of her resources both natural and human resources and the protection of lives and properties at every level. These resources can only have positive effect if we have equally resourceful and committed man-power.



Residential properties require security planning and protection to minimize risks of theft, vandalism, property damage, and litigation. Brookesides takes an approach to security that evolves to meet the needs of its residential and real estate clients, from protection of to-be-developed raw land to mid-sized and high-rise condominiums, multiple-dwelling housing units, gated communities, and private estates.


In the commercial sectors, the offices can be tenants or owners occupied. But, in both the cases, the security of people an protection of property is equally important. However, modern companies invest millions to put an end to employee theft, information security as well as property crime. Also, they opt for security guards and services to get assistance in terms of requirements like mobile patrol, key holding, investigation etc.


Hotel safety and security is a growing concern among travelers throughout the world. Let’s face it; traveling is stressful enough without having to worry about becoming a crime victim while away from home.


With the emergence of the industrial and manufacturing sector as a highly sophisticated and automated segment of our economy, its demands for security are evolving at a rapid pace. Encompassing research, manufacturing and production, distribution, warehousing and marketing, the industrial and manufacturing sector faces a broad range of potential security vulnerabilities.


The need for on-site security is especially prudent in and around construction sites regardless of the physical size of the job. Construction supervisor main concern is to control access to construction while the crew is not present. Laying a good foundation for security is a prerequisite for success just like laying a good foundation for a building. Every construction site has sub-contractors from many disciplines, which means much valuable equipment is available to tempt the experienced and amateur criminal alike.


Oil, gas, and energy companies are key players in critical infrastructure development and thus in our nation’s economy and security. The global scope of the petrochemical industry, operating safety hazards, and terrorist threats, as well as social responsibility and public image perceptions, present a unique risk profile with security challenges that go beyond traditional facilities protection.

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