Safety and security is critical, in some instances more so than others, Brookesides understands this well. Our product offering therefore offers advanced information technology services and solutions into various sectors of implementation within defence, government and corporations. Uniformed Services Solutions include:

Command Support Systems
To enable military forces to collect, analyze and rapidly disseminate information a command support system needs to distribute commands, configure controls, issue communications, integrate computations, align to intel, provide for surveillance and reconnaissance data.
Perimeter Security
  • Perimeter radars - detecting objects at a significant distance
  • Seismic sensors
  • Optical fire sensors - protection of linear installations
  • Smart fences - microwave technology & intrusion detection barriers
  • High-resolution cameras
  • Thermal vision cameras
  • Rangefinders
  • Integrated surveillance systems - monitoring equipment
  • Surveillance and control centers - high effectiveness in protection of large areas
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles - surveillance payloads
Operational Technology
Solutions and software technology products making use of mobile devices, analogue and digital audio, radars, short range communications and detection systems
Systems For The Collection And Analysis Of Data
Discretion in ensuring confidentially and integrity by way of encryption of software application
Radio Communications Equipment And Infrastructure
Focused on supplying radio communication equipment for use in development and control of telecommunications networks including the following:
  • LTE equipment providing radio and mast construction services
  • Radar systems and specialized radio communications equipment
  • Telephonic network security solutions, with position tracking and protection services

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