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Brookesides International Limited

About Us

BROOKESIDES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a multi-disciplined Private Limited Liability company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission for the purpose of offering highly professional Security and Surveillance Services to public, military, goverments as well as private organizations.

BROOKESIDES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is highly committed to providing quality services to every customer, every time and everywhere. BROOKESIDES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a specialist company with a team of internal and external engineers, ex-senior military officers, safety professionals, sociologists, psychologists and lawyers, providing value added services in the best manner in handling our clients’ jobs.

Over the years, BROOKESIDES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED has built a hedge with strong management structure to cope with the ever-changing face of business environment. This structure of trained, qualified, motivated and dedicated staff makes the company to deliver with excellence.

Chief Fredrick Airie


To provides products and creative solutions to Security and Surveillance Services. We achieve operational excellence and growth while delivering value to our shareholders, customers, employees and the community.
In achieving these, BROOKESIDES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED views Community Affairs, Safety, Health Environment and Security as line Management responsibility. Therefore, our services are executed in such a way that injuries to individuals, company and contract staff as well as third parties and the environment is reduced if not completely eliminated.
The company is determined to stay ahead of competitors through provision of quality and outstanding services by developing team relationship with our clients and provide the most reliable, honest, well-articulated solutions to problems and together achieve higher level of security.

It is the vision of BROOKESIDES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED to be one of the leading security companies in the country by maintaining the highest practical achievable security standards and quality in all aspects of our operations while giving due regard to societal needs.

The company values, beliefs and guidelines in line with the corporate mission statements and objectives have for staff, shareholders, government and general public:
  • Sound leadership/managerial skills
  • Strong ability to design, select and monitor high performance teams to deliver results
  • Strong interpersonal skills to communicate policies, procedures and objectives effectively
  • Sound ability to manage personal and corporate change
  • Sound analytical skills to access issues and take right decision
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Belief in the importance of informality to enhance communication.
  • Belief in recognition of the importance of economics and profits.

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